Dyrnamix Discovery Engine

We develop novel biomarkers that have an immediate impact on patient care and allow physicians and industry to tailor existing and new interventions for their patients with cardiovascular disease

Extracellular RNA as a new clinical target

Patterns of extracellular RNA (exRNA) in the bloodstream of patients reflect the dynamic state of cardiovascular disease pathology and can be used to understand individual patient risk of cardiac events.  Unlike many established biomarkers, exRNAs are implicated in disease pathogenesis and may serve as functional biomarkers to risk stratify patients, diagnostics to guide therapy or therapeutic targets to modify disease outcome.

Integrating genomic technology and bioinformatics

The Dyrnamix team employs sophisticated plasma exRNA extraction/identification techniques married with big data analytics to develop an advanced platform for extracellular RNA identification, analysis and discovery of non-invasive biomarkers in cardiovascular disease.

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